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The Rocky Mountain Chapter was formed in Denver in 1997 when WVU alumni Jen and Bill Gray moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania.  They quickly realized that something was missing from their lives and decided to try and form an Alumni Chapter.  Thanks to the great support they received from the WVU Alumni Association a chapter was born.
The Grays quickly found out what they already knew.  No matter how far away from Morgantown, or how many years it has been,   "Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer"
Soon after smaller satellite chapters were formed in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins to allow Alumni in those areas to gather closer to home, supported by the Denver based main Chapter.  In 2016 we are establishing a Western Slope satellite locations for our friends over the hill.
Thanks to the great support of our chapter members and volunteers we have continued to grow and develop, and the Rocky Mountain Chapter is here to stay. 
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