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Thanks to the generous support of our Chapter members in 2006 we established a non-endowed scholarship for a worthy student from the state of Colorado who attends West Virginia University. This scholarship is awarded annually in June for the next school year.
We have just signed up to convert our scholarship to an Endowed Scholarship, which means that once we raise the required $25,000 our scholarship will go on in perpetuity.  This means we need your support now more than ever.  We will be holding several fundraising events to get our scholarship funded as quickly as possible.
This scholarship is funded by tax deductible donations made by chapter members.  If you would like to support this year's scholarship please make a donation online or mail your contributions directly to the WVU Foundation at the address below.  Indicate in the memo line Rocky Mountain Chapter of the WVU Alumni Association Scholarship fund number N000134.
Donate Online:

WVU Foundation

One Waterfront Place

P.O. Box 1650

Morgantown, WV 26507




We are proud to introduce the very first winner of the Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter scholarship, Jessica Kowal. 


Jessica is the daughter of Thomas and Linda Kowal of Conifer. She is a 2000 graduate of Conifer High School where she was a member of the National Honor Society. She was also involved in tutoring Music students and workshops with the Conifer High School Choir, as well as volunteering at the Evergreen Christian Outreach and other church events.


Jessica is a Senior majoring in Music. In her own words "I love music and I feel very blessed to be able to make a career out of my passion." Jessica is also studying German language and loves to cook, almost considering a career n the culinary arts.


When asked why she chose WVU Jessica answered; "When I was looking for colleges to attend I did extensive research on several schools. I found the name of Dr. Chris Wilkinson. He is a pretty well known name in musicology and I really wanted a solid foundation to build on for graduate school. I also know the standards at WVU are high. I was looking for a good challenge and am so happy I've found it! If a student were to ask me, "why go to WVU?" I would encourage them and let them know that WVU is a great environment to grow as an individual and learn in a welcoming environment."


We also asked Jessica about some of the things she loves about WVU to which she answered; "I know several students get upset with the PRT but I LOVE it! I wish there were more stations, but I believe it is a great concept and really good for a college town. I also like being out East. It is has a mountain like environment (if you can call these mountains) but the colors are more brilliant and I love the new environment. I felt accepted immediately at WVU and was relieved with all the help other students have given me. It's also not a bad idea to go to WVU to be able to see Slaton and White tear it up on the field! The music department has been my main drive here so I would also mention all the great events that WVU draws to West Virginia. The Pittsburgh Symphony comes to WVU's Creative Arts Center three times a year now and other groups, such as Canadian Brass, are also invited to play at the CAC."


Jessica considers herself a "career student" and has big plans to continue her education in pursuit of a Masters and PhD. "I have high goals for my education and I do not believe that any of this would be possible if I was not attending WVU at this time. I feel this school has been a necessary stepping stone to my goals."


Jessica has discovered what those of us that went to WVU already know. It is a great University where you can have the time of your life and get an education that will serve you for a lifetime. We are very proud to have Jessica as our very first recipient of our scholarship, and we know that no matter where her studies take her she will always be a member of the Mountaineer family.



Alisa O'Riley.   Alisa is a Doctoral student in Psychology from Colorado Springs, CO.  She received her BA from the U. of Colorado.



This year's recipient is Nickolas Sterkel, from Longmont, CO.


Nick is currently a junior majoring in Sports Management.


"Mr. Elkins: Hi my name is Nick Sterkel and I have just been informed that I have received the Rocky Mountain Chapter WVU Alumni Association Scholarship. I would personally like to accept and thank everyone from the Rocky Mountain Chapter for allowing me to continue in my education at West Virginia University. This scholarship not only allows me to better myself personally, but allows me to better serve my role as an ambassador of WVU and the state of Colorado, both of which I hold very near and dear to my heart. Once again, thank you to all the members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter! "



Emily Wahl



The 2010 recipient of the WVURMC Scholarship is Allie Elizabeth Daniels of Ft. Collins. She's a graduate of Rocky Mountain High School and will be a freshman this year studying Journalism. This scholarship would not be possible without the generosity of the people of the chapter giving back to the school they love. This scholarship will help offset the expenses and help Allie experience what we all know to be one of the greatest places on earth. We are hoping to learn more about Allie in the future, congratulations!



Jessica Ragel is the 2012/13 recipient of the WVURMC Scholarship.  She graduated from WVU in 2015 with a degree inn Journalism.

Jessica cites herself as a true Colorado to Morgantown success story!

"I never even knew about WVU until they played CU Boulder, with Pat White as the star. Seeing the support for WVU at a game across the country, I knew this was exactly the type of community I was looking for and decided to make it my first college visit. As soon as I visited Morgantown, there was no doubt this was where I would go. 


Receiving a scholarship from the Rocky Mountain chapter gave me a sense of support and home, regardless of being miles away. I am eternally grateful for this. 


Now as an alumni, I still proudly wear the Flying WV wherever I go. I also have converted my entire family, grandparents and all into WVU diehards, so if you ever see a bunch of people in Greeley, Colorado wearing WVU apparel, this is why."



2011/12                                Hayden Schappell           

2012/13                                Jessica Rangel                   

2013/14                                John Gregg                      

2014/15                                Amy Reeder                     

2015/16                                Rachel Brooks                   



We are excited to announce that Caroline Cavender from Pueblo West, CO is the 10th recipient of the Rocky Mountain Chapter Scholarship.  


Caroline is a 2016 graduate of Pueblo West High School where she was the Student Body President, a member of the National Honor Society,  and worked with most of the school's clubs, administrators, and teachers in her role as President. Caroline was an active volunteer including helping put on a food drive for the community every year around Thanksgiving feeding over 500+ families. She is an Animal Science Major at WVU with an Equine Science Minor and is looking to go to veterinary school.

"I would like to thank you and the chapter for recognizing me with this scholarship. I greatly appreciate it and the support you give those from Colorado at WVU"

Congratulations Caroline and welcome to the Mountaineer Family!


Introducing our 11th and latest Scholarship recipient, Mathew McGee of Fort Collins.


Matthew graduated from Rocky Mountain High School, Fort Collins, CO in 2016. Matthew was a 3-year varsity Letterman in soccer and played for the Fort Collins Soccer Club Arsenal Gold team. Competitive sports and competition motivated Matthew which influenced him in life and drive to succeed in family, school and sports.

Matthew is the youngest of four kids and was by far the most competitive. Although disguised by his competitive nature, he has a big heart and compassion for animals and the less fortunate. Growing up in a household of six it was not easy to get your favorite thing to eat or watch your favorite show, which help mold Matthew’s character to work hard to earn the things you want.

The only university that Matthew applied to was WVU. Growing up in Fort Collins, CO, Matthew chose WVU and was determined to go there and be part of Mountaineer Nation. Matthew along with his brother, Daniel, ventured out to Morgantown, WV in August 2016.

At WVU, Matthew is majoring in exercise physiology and has ambitions to be a physician assistant with a side job of a musical artist (i.e. rapper). Matthew is humbled to recieve the Rocky Mountain WVU Chapter scholarship and is proud to represent WVU. Matthew’s parents both attended WVU and he wants to continue the tradition and support of a university that means so much to him and his family.


For the first time ever we have a repeat winner of our scholarship.  Our 12th recipient is once again Mathew McGee of Fort Collins.  Read below in his own words what this scholarship has meant to him:

"I appreciate from the bottom of my heart what the Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter (RMAC) has meant to me and my family. The RMAC has helped reinforce my commitment to West Virginia University (WVU) and the education and opportunities provided. It has not been easy by no means as I strive to succeed in my major in Exercise Physiology, but it would be that much more difficult without the support of the RMAC. WVU has been my home and family for the past two years and my commitment to complete my education at WVU. I have begun my 3rd year at WVU and have maintained a grade point average of 3.2 and have worked hard for good grades. I work very hard during the week and enjoy spending time with my roommates on the weekends going to WVU football and basketball games. I have also taken advantage of the recreation sports that WVU offer including flag football, soccer and basketball. And most importantly...”LET’S GO MOUNTAINEERS” "


Top Right with his Brother Daniel

Bottom Right with his Father


Our 14th recipient of the Rocky Mountain Chapter Scholarship is Kevin Kulineka of Sterling Colorado.  Kevin graduated from Sterling High School in 2019 where he was an excellent student and a Varsity soccer player for 2 years.  Kevin is studying Nursing at WVU.

From Kevin:

"I deeply appreciate the opportunity that the Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter has given me. This program is helping me get through college with a lot less stress. To start off, I am a freshman attending West Virginia University. Coming from a small town in Colorado, by the name of Sterling, and attending one of the biggest universities in the country, it isn’t easy. However, this opportunity that this great organization offered me, made the transition a lot easier. I am majoring in Nursing, which would be a lot harder to get through without this program. Since this is my freshman year, I don’t have much to say other than I love it here. West Virginia is a beautiful state and I'm planning on staying here all four years of my college career. During the school week, I am head first in books, but during the weekends I go out with my friends to the various fun activities this university has to offer. Such as football, basketball games,etc. Once again thank you for the opportunity in letting me continue my path through college."

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