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Membership in the WVU Rocky Mountain Chapter is separate from membership in the WVU Alumni Association. Membership in the WVU Alumni association is encouraged but not mandatory. We are made up primarily of WVU alumni, but we do welcome WV natives or just WVU fans to join us.  We are a 501.C.3 organization so your dues are tax deductible.
These dues fund our events, giveaways, website, etc, and help cover the miscellaneous costs of the chapter.  One way or another these dues make it back to the chapter and help keep us going.

Membership dues:
Individual $20/yr
Couple $30/yr
Mail a check made out to WVU Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter to:
WVU Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter
1159 Quebec St
Denver, CO 80220


You can Paypal to @BrianRohrig.
Please make sure you choose "Friends and Family" and NOT "Goods and services" to avoid fees.
CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS charge fees:  Please use this calculator to see the fees and add them to your payment:

Zelle bank transfer to

Venmo to @Brian-Rohrig
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